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KVI guest, John Fund,  explains some of the particulars with the  intelligence memo declassified by President Donald Trump  and released by the Republican-led House Intelligence Committee that alleges the FBI abused U.S. government surveillance powers in its investigation into Russian election interference.(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

6:05am -- GUEST: John Fund gives a perfect comparison of Democrats hypocrisy when it comes to government transparency regarding the FBI/FISA memo release from last Friday, Yahoo! Sports perfectly sums up the post- SuperBowl celebration/mayhem in Philadelphia,

6:35am -- GUEST: ABC News reporter, Jim Ryan, covers the fatal Amtrak train crash into a parked freight train and the prospect that the crash could have been prevented were it not for human error, the FBI/FISA memo release is showing that the Trump/Russia collusion is a big wild goose chase like Valerie Plame's case against GW Bush, KVI's Lars Larson sounds off on the FBI/FISA memo release.

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