CarlsonCast Feb5--7am hour

Seattle RV homeless SoDo KOMO 1.jpg
KVI's John Carlson interviews West Seattle resident, Jill Anderson, who is fed up with the growing amount of homeless RVs where she lives in the North Delridge neighborhood and why she's documenting the safety and trash concerns with photos for the city mayor and council members to see. (photo: KOMO News)

7am hour -- GUEST: a West Seattle woman, Jill Anderson, fed up with the constant RV/homeless vagrant filth and trash she sees is demanding real answers from the mayor and city council, she resents being taxed heavily while the city ignores the homeless drug vagrants who wreck her neighborhood, why she took pictures and sent them to city elected officials, check out this video of an SUV driver towing a broken down tractor trailer through Seattle (below),

its against the law to warm up your car and leave it unattended in cold weather, another WA county sheriff refuses to enforce I-1639 gun control law(s) on constitutional grounds, GUEST: Spokane St. Sen. Mike Padden wants to extend DUI convictions to 20 years to qualify for tougher sentences on repeat drunk drivers (known as SB 5299 and SB 5286), Seattle Pacific Magazine story geologic history of Puget Sound and the ice age 17,000 years ago that carved the landscape we know today.

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