CarlsonCast Feb5--8am hour

Pastor Lacette Cross, of Restoration Fellowship RVA, speaks during a protest calling for Virginia Governor Ralph Northam to resign on Monday Feb. 4, 2019. Northam has rebuffed widespread calls for his resignation after a racist photo surfaced Friday in his 1984 medical school yearbook page. (Shelby Lum/Richmond Times-Dispatch via AP)

8am hour -- a breakdown of new Trump inauguration fundraising aspect of Mueller investigation, this new development shows the desperation of Democrats to avoid acknowledgment of Hillary Clinton's awful campaign, the medical school classmates who are outing Virginia's governor over last week's bizarre endorsement of infanticide, an MSNBC analyst (and Ivy League prof.) claims that the latest example of 'black face' (from a 1984 school yearbook) is Trump's fault, 2020 Presidential candidate (and NJ Senator) Cory Booker tries to make the case for single payer healthcare (Medicare For All) but wanders off to another topic.

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