CarlsonCast Feb7--8am hour

Spokane Co Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich KXLY 280_720.jpg
Spokane County Sheriff, Ozzie Knezovich, says he has received an on-line death threat over his criticism and reaction to the recently passed gun control law, I-1639. (screen grab: KXLY News).{ }

8am hour -- Michelle Obama and music legend Bob Seger may be unhappy with Tacoma weather this weekend, Spokane Co.'s Sheriff says he's received a death threat over his reaction to gun control law I-1639, (Senators) Cory Booker vs. Ted Cruz on Constitutional knowledge, a UW sophomore dies after a freak accident falling near Drumheller Fountain.

Democratic 2020 candidates becoming hostages to the hard left, two more Virginia elected Democrats are embroiled in the latest socio-political scandals engulfing the state capitol, WA State Senators from both parties start dropping the hammer on Seattle officials over trespassing homeless vagrants.

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