CarlsonCast Jan10--7am hour

Seattle officials clear out an{ } illegal/trespassing homeless encampment in the cloverleaf of I-5 west of Northgate Mall after months of complaints. KVI's John Carlson finds several telling problems for the city with this single sweep. (photo: KOMO News).{ }

7am hour -- Democrats and left-wing pundits keep repeating a talking point about the border wall, Obama's Border Patrol Chief has something to say to Democrats fighting Trump on a border wall, guy responds, GUEST: Center for Immigration Studies, Steven Camerota , sorts out crime stats per illegal aliens that are roiling Beltway politicos,

we're enthralled by these surfing dolphins this morning

the passing of one of America's airline visionaries, Seattle sweeps an illegal/trespassing homeless camp and it showcases why homeless people refuse city services.

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