CarlsonCast Jan11--6am hour

Pramila Jayapal (KOMO News) podium.jpg
Congresswoman, Pramila Jayapal, (D-Seattle) pictured here in this file photo, tells MSNBC that{ } President Trump's "ultimate goal make America 'pure' in the sense of not having immigrants, folks of color here." KVI's John Carlson responds to the reckless generalization. (photo: KOMO News).{ }

6am hour -- eulogizing the Seattle Viaduct as it shuts down for good tonight, the dream of Seattle political brass who want to punish car drivers, how many miles of additional border wall Trump is actually asking for, two WA Congressional members play the race card in the border security debate, new poll about a capital gains tax plan by Gov. Jay Inslee shows a big enthusiasm gap, KVI's Lars Larson was booted by Twitter for calling an anti-police activist a "snowflake".

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