CarlsonCast Jan.11--7am hour

Jay Leno's Garage CNBC 62.jpg
Former KVI talk show host, Bryan Suits, talks to KVI's John Carlson about his appearance tonight on Jay's Garage on CNBC, which airs at 7pm and 10pm PT. Suits, a U.S. Army Reserve Lieutenant test drives a prototype military rig with Jay Leno in tonight's episode. (photo: CNBC). 

7am hour -- GUEST NWS meteorologist Mike McFarland explains the windstorm hitting Puget Sound and WA coast today, the death penalty in Washington, what should be the punishment/sentence if the suspected killer of deputy Daniel McCartney in Frederickson is convicted?, Trump Admin. says states can impose work requirements on able-bodied Medicaid recipients

GUEST: former KVI and current KFI Los Angeles host (Dark Secret Place podcast host) Bryan Suits, appears tonight on an episode of Jay's Garage to drive a developmental military rig that could be a 3rd generation Humvee, plus it turns out Jay Leno is a fan of (conservative) talk radio, several women are vying to replace Susan Hutchison as the new Washington St. Republican Party chair.

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