CarlsonCast Jan23--7am hour

Death Penalty execution chamber gurney KOMO11.jpg
The death penalty could be re-instated in certain situations if state lawmakers in Olympia approve a new bill sponsored by a Republican State Senator from Sedro Wooley. KVI's Kirby Wilbur interviews Keith Wagoner about his idea to hold incarcerated inmates accountable if they kill behind bars. (KOMO file photo)

7am hour -- even NBC News is forced to point out that Nathan Phillips isn't being honest about the confrontation with a MAGA-hat wearing teenager, in our age of snowflakes an NFL player shows some commendable parenting skills after a video game involving his six-year-old son,

GUEST: Republican St. Senator from Sedro Wooley, Keith Wagoner, wants to close the loophole allowing incarcerated criminals to avoid the death penalty for killing a corrections officer, the religious liberty case involving a fired high school football coach from Bremerton, the praise for Edgar Martinez from another (record setting) newly elected Hall Of Famer,

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