CarlsonCast Jan25--6am hour

govt shutdown furloughed workers protest gathering AP19010753180331.jpg
Media bias questions are emerging with the status of furloughed government workers and the relief options available as they miss out on a second round of paychecks during the government shutdown. People gather during a federal workers protest rally at the Federal Building Thursday, Jan., 10, 2019, in Ogden, Utah. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

6am intro -- some musical fun to start the show, Trump campaign adviser indicted over Wikileaks info about Clinton 2016 campaign, how did CNN show up at the arrest raid of Trump's campaign adviser?, what does this mean for Russia collusion investigation, Gov. Jay Inslee is trying to make political hay off a Trump cabinet official's comment regarding furloughed gov't workers,

lots of crocodile tears about furloughed workers but also lots of examples of private business assisting (gasoline, Broadway tix, ski lift tickets, NBA tickets, restaurant meals) those workers missing paychecks, a media bias question amid all the stories in the last week of furloughed government worker coverage, how did CNN get the tip that Roger Stone was to be arrested?

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