CarlsonCast Jan28--6am hour

Former Starbucks CEO & President, Howard Schultz, tells CBS's 60 Minutes he may run for President but as a 3rd party independent, not as a Democrat or Republican. And Democrats are freaking out about his intentions. (photo: KOMO News)

6am hour -- Howard Schultz's presidential talk shows how far to the left the current Democratic Party is, CA U.S. Senator Kamala Harris promises lots of free things if you'll elect her President in 2020, GUEST: ABC's Jim Ryan reports that the Texas AG says over 55,000 may have voted illegally in that state since 1996, the Texas AG report about voter fraud could spawn a parallel investigation in WA voter rolls, an Edmonds bakery owner is apologizing over a three word phrase on a Valentine's Day cookie but should he need to apologize?

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