CarlsonCast Jan28--7am hour

Hundreds of hair stylists are headed to the Olympia Legislature, Monday Jan. 28, 2019. They say proposed legislation, SB 5326, would rob them of their livelihood because it will change the laws regarding the definition of independent contractors. KVI's John Carlson talks to National Federation of Independent Business, state director, Patrick Connor, about why their group is helping the hairstylists in this lobbying effort. (photo: KOMO News).{ }

7am hour -- GUEST: NFIB's Patrick Connor, talks about the Democratic State Senator forced to pull back on her plan that would make it tougher on hair stylists who rent their chair from salon ownerst, a possible peace deal between US/ NATO forces and the Afghan Taliban are reportedly in place and could mean US troop withdrawal in 18 months, this could be another foreign policy achievement by Trump that eluded Obama, a wide array of hardline Democrats freak out over possible 2020 Presidential run by Howard Schultz.

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