CarlsonCast Jan29--6am hour

Heckler tries to taunt former Starbucks CEO and President Howard Schultz during a book event at a New York City store. The book store crowd ends up booing the heckler. FILE -{ } March 22, 2017, Howard Schultz speaks at the Starbucks annual shareholders meeting in Seattle. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson, File)

6am hour -- KVI's Steak Of The Union is set for February 5th (one week from today) so join us for dinner at Daniel's, hair stylists flood Olympia to oppose a Democratic State Senator's bill to redefine independent contractors, heckler interrupts Howard Schultz and it shows how desperate Democrats are getting about 2020, how will recent criminal reform bill in Congress impact 2020 Presidential race, CA Congressman refuses to credit Trump for any economic improvements in last two years, (find link)

NYC book store crowd turns on Howard Schultz heckler and boo's the heckler, a follow-up on the Tom Brokaw 'assimilation' comment and the easily observable reality noted by Victor Davis Hanson, WA measles outbreak (primarily in Clark Co.) prompts state lawmaker there to shrink exemptions for avoiding childhood vaccine(s).

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