CarlsonCast Jan29--7am hour

According to KATU News, health officials say they now have 35 cases of measles in the Clark County outbreak and are handling 11 more suspected cases of the infection. Washington state lawmakers introduced a bill Friday to eliminate personal exemptions for the measles vaccine.(AP Photo/Eric Risberg, File)

7am hour -- GUEST: US Army (ret.) Lt. Col, Ralph Peters assess Venezuela's string of bad economic decisions that imploded economy and resulted in a bus driver running the country, the influence of Chinese investments on Nicolas Maduro's (current) government, what the U.S. should do at this Venezuelan cross-roads, some valuable insight into the prospects for a Taliban peace deal in Afghanistan,

Howard Schultz pushes back on Democratic Congresswoman pushing 70% marginal tax rate to punish mil-and billionaires, Denmark just built a border fence to keep German swine from invading (and infecting) their country, Denmark builds a border fence to keep out Germany...sort of, measles vaccination exemption reconsidered in WA Legislature and KVI callers react to people choosing to be un-vaccinated.

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