CarlsonCast Jan29--8am hour

Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris, of California, waves to the crowd as she formally launches her presidential campaign at a rally in her hometown of Oakland, Calif., Sunday, Jan. 27, 2019. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

8am hour -- GUEST: ABC News reporter Jim Ryan explains the Houston Police drug raid that turned into gun fire with five police officers being shot and wounded but expected to recover, in the drug raid shoot out two suspected drug traffickers were fatally shot by police, a 2020 Presidential contender says she would eliminate private health insurance,

GUEST: NFIB state director, Patrick Connor, updates the political push back involving a Democratic State Senator forced to pull back on her plan that would make it tougher on independent contractors who are hair stylists, musical tribute to the Seattle-based hamburger chain selling burgers for $.19 today, a CA Congressman refuses to acknowledge the economic improvements in the last 2 years under Trump,

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