CarlsonCast Jan30--6am hour

A Venezuelan shows his disdain for embattled President Nicolas Maduro with a sign that says in Spanish: "Ultimatum, no more communism" after attending Mass at a church to support opposition National Assembly leader Juan Guaido (why-doh), who declared himself interim president, recently, in January. Guaido says he is acting in accordance with two articles of the constitution that give the National Assembly president the right to hold power temporarily and call new elections. (AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd)

6am hour -- the Ronald Reagan/Grenada connection to what's happening now in Venezuela with socialists, Trump critic and entrepreneur Mark Cuban ices Democrats who are petrified of Howard Schultz running in 2020, some surprises on a new list of safest and unsafest cities in WA (based on FBI crime stats), actor/singer attacked in Chicago may be a possible hate crime/alleges it was pro-Trump attackers, an update on the owner of the Edmonds Bakery who was targeted by boycott messages.

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