CarlsonCast Jan31--6am hour

Virginia governor Ralph Northram WJLA and AP_17311241081163.jpg
Virginia governor Ralph Northram sparks outcry after his radio news interview comments regarding the possibility of killing a new born baby if a mother chooses to do so based on an abortion access bill currently being debated in the state House of Delegates in Richmond, VA. (photo: AP File)

6am hour -- Howard Schultz says Sen. Elizabeth Warren will move the US towards socialism (and she also asked him for campaign contributions), new tweets from Trump don't show much hope for avoiding another government shutdown in 2+ weeks, the New York and now potentially Virginia abortion law are appalling,

the dividing line between pro-choice and anti-child is completely gone now, the VA bill reduces the amount of advising doctors from 3 to 1 and reduces the standards for assessing the mother's mental health.

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