CarlsonCast Jan4--7am hour

Jan jobs report DJIA up 800 points.jpg
KVI's John Carlson interviews economist and author, Steve Moore, about the much better than expected January jobs/employment report released today and how it's positively impacting the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock market index, which is trading up 800 points this morning. (photo: DJIA screen grab).{ }

7am hour -- Seahawks playoff chances in Dallas tomorrow + NFL TV ratings are up this year just as all the flag/anthem protests ended, today's new jobs report is far better than expected, Tucker Carlson asks some pivotal questions about what we want for our country, a new push to complete construction on Highway 522 south of Monroe WA,

GUEST: economist/author Steve Moore talks about the impressive new jobs report, half-a-million Americans are back looking for jobs which is a key indicator, GUEST: Sharyl Attkisson unveils an intriguing report about US government silencing a scientist involved in vaccine and autism research.

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