CarlsonCast Jan8--7am hour

The partial federal government shutdown goes prime time tonight, January 8, 2019, as President Trump makes a televised national address at 6pm P.S.T. to speak about funding a border wall and what it will take for Congress to agree on the funding issues to end the partial shutdown. In this Saturday, Jan. 5, 2019, photo visitors to Great Smoky Mountain National Park are notified about the shutdown impact.{ } (Robert Berlin/The Daily Times via AP)

7am hour -- Boulder (Colorado) city council bans sale of semi-auto rifles (aka 'assault rifles'), more reaction to what kind of vote there might be on I-1000, the politics involving TV/Cable news before tonight's Trump national address on a border wall, WSU's president says they're moving toward alcohol sales at football games, GUEST: author Daniel Krauthammer (son of Charles Krauthammer), Obama's Border Patrol Chief says a border wall will make country more secure and improve border security.

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