CarlsonCast Jan8--8am hour

SALES-TAX-TOKEN WA wikipedia public domain PIXLR.jpg
KVI's John Carlson expands on his political strategy for Republicans to propose a state sales tax reduction to put pressure on Legislative Democrats in Olympia when the 2019 session starts on Monday January 14th. Pictured here is a 1935 state sales tax token. (photo:{ } Wikipedia public domain ).{ }

8am hour -- the Carlson 5-point plan to bring Republicans back from the political brink in WA, why King County should be held liable for crimes committed by illegal aliens (since they're a sanctuary county), Carlson rebuts a few reader comments about his 5-point plan, why proposing a 0.5 cent sales tax reduction will put Olympia Democrats in a vice, two Seattle City Councilwomen fly back to NYC to continue their 'Amazon resistance' and show their economic illiteracy, Pres. Obama's former Border Patrol Chief favors a border wall and says it will help secure the border, Seattle's sugar-beverage tax is being paid almost exclusively by consumers unlike what Seattle city council said when they approved it.

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