CarlsonCast Jan9--7am hour

Babylon Bee Trump wall national address PIXLR.jpg
Editor-in-Chief of the satirical website, Kyle Mann, talks to KVI's John Carlson about their conservative leaning comedy point of view. (photo: BabylonBee screen grab)

7am hour -- another Seattle city council member decides against running for re-election, GUEST:'s Joel Connelly analyzes the latest twist in Seattle politics and how this might transform Seattle's lunatic city council, Chicago beer brewer turns the city's sports misery this week into a brilliant publicity stunt,

GUEST: WPC health policy analyst (and retired surgeon) Dr. Roger Stark,explains Gov. Jay Inslee's newly announced public option health plan that has numerous red flags, GUEST: Kyle Mann of The Babylon Bee is the editor in chief of a very funny political satire site.

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