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In abrupt about face, six members of the Seattle City Council and Mayor Jenny Durkan are now heeding the call to repeal the $47 million annual employee head tax which voters have vocally opposed since it was passed on May 14, 2018. The repeal effort is being led by councilman, Bruce Harrell.{ } (photo: KVI Staff)

7am -- Seattle city council faces major reality check and now plans to repeal the unwanted $47 million employee head tax, what the Seattle city council continues to miss with the vocal public opposition to the employee head tax,

actor who cursed "F-Trump" doubles down on his antagonistic awards show comment, if Amazon and other big Seattle companies are so powerful as Sawant implies how come they couldn't gain this type of opposition to prior city council regulations like $15 minimum wage and advance notice for scheduling (amongst other anti-business regulations).

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