CarlsonCast June13--6am hour

head tax repeal no jobs tax supporter sign KOMO80.jpg
A Seattle woman who supported the repeal of the $47 million employee head tax holds a sign refuting the claim by several members of the Socialist Alternative--including city councilwoman, Kshama Sawant--who claim that the repeal campaign lied and misrepresented the issued to obtain upwards of 40,000 signatures which would have put a repeal vote on the November ballot but city councilmembers cut to the chase by repealilng the tax with a 7-2 vote on Tuesday June 12, 2018. The "7UP2019" on the sign refers to seven of the nine city council members whose term ends with the November 2019 general election.{ } (photo: KOMO News).{ }

6am hour -- a Trump tweet just hours before a South Carolina primary vote coincides with an upset victory for a Republican candidate, a 1999 Trump interview on CNN sounds incredibly similar to Trump before and after this week's North Korea summit, Kshama Sawant's cronies chant and rant but fail to derail a 7-2 vote by the council to repeal the $47 million head tax, one Seattle councilwoman who reversed course to support the repeal still shows she doesn't get why city residents are so upset.

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