CarlsonCast June16--6am hour

congressional baseball game prayer-2017.jpg
Members of the Republican and Democratic congressional baseball teams gather for a prayer before the start of their annual charity game on June 15, 2017 inside The Washington Nationals stadium in Washington D.C. (photo credit: AP)

6am hour -- the pro-free speech group led by a Vancouver WA man, Joey Gibson, rallied at Evergreen State College yesterday and the pro-Evergreen State crowd came out to physically confront them which prompted the arrest of one man allegedly armed with a knife, Democrats and Republican Congressional members kneeled in prayer at last night's charity baseball game in DC, is buying Whole Foods for nearly $14 billion

the CEO of Ivar's Restaurant, Bob Donegan, explains how they lost their lease space at SeaTac Airport due to some bidding factors the Port of Seattle uses that take into account social activism by a business rather than strict monetary bids.

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