CarlsonCast June19--7am hour

Charleena Lyles protest KOMO 80.jpg
Mourners attend a vigil for Charleena Lyles, who was shot dead Sunday morning by Seattle police at her apartment. SPD reports that Lyles was armed with a knife when police arrived to take a report about a suspected burglary. Lyles has reportedly dealt with mental health issues prior to the fatal shooting. (Photo credit: KOMO News)

7am hour -- Seattle Police shoot and kill a woman reportedly holding a knife after she called 911 to report a burglar, the woman is black but Carlson says this is not about race but mental health, a VICE reporter interviews several of the principles at Evergreen State College over the Prof. Bret Weinstein protests and comes away visibly stunned by the nature of the protests against Weinstein, a US fighter jet shooting down a Syrian fighter jet in Syria is the first air-to-air takedown by the US since 1999, the Evergreen State College protest drama will now go to the State Senate in Olympia, GUEST: Republican St. Senator, Mike Padden, explains his over-sight on the Evergreen State College protest saga.

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