CarlsonCast June19--8am hour

UW Chevy Swanson PIXLR.jpg
KVI's John Carlson explains the legal victory for the UW College Republicans, with the UWCR President, Chevy Swanson pictured here in this file photo, after the UW Administration tried to force the campus group to pay $17,000 in security fees when they invited the leader of Patriot Prayer USA, Joey Gibson, of Vancouver WA for an on-campus speech. (photo: KVI Staff).{ }

8am hour -- UW College Republicans win $122,000 in legal costs in an out of court settlement with UW administration which tried to force the campus club to pay a big security fee for a speaking guest, one of the two good Samaritans who confronted a shooter/carjacker at the Tumwater Walmart parking lot speaks to KVI about the fateful decision that lead to the criminal suspect's death at the scene, Jimmy Kimmel shows some true colors after his taunting prompts TX Senator Ted Cruz to challenge him to a charity basketball game.

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