CarlsonCast March10--7am hour

JayInslee press room March 2016.jpg
Gov. Jay Inslee granted early release to a prison inmate, David Conyers, serving a life sentence under the Three Strikes, You're Out law and then Conyers was arrested this week (March 7, 2017) for a series of armed robberies. (File photo of Inslee 2016).

7:05am -- GUEST: Sharyl Attkisson goes to Miami, FL where voters just reversed being a Sanctuary City, we go back to the 1990s to hear about the Three Strikes offender who was released early by Gov. Inslee only to end-up being re-arrested after 6 suspected robberies, February jobs report tweets try to claim credit for Obama, GUEST: St. Sen. Jaime Pedersen (D-Seattle), should attacks/assaults/shootings (on) police be classified as a hate crime, it passed State Senate, now goes to State House in Olympia.

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