CarlsonCast March11--8am hour

A permanent switch to Daylight Saving Time in Washington (state) just got an endorsement from Pres. Donald Trump. (photo: KOMO News)

8am hour-- last hour Pres. Trump tweeted he'd support states like WA making a permanent switch to Daylight Saving Time, Carlson urges listeners to oppose a pair of bills in Olympia Legislature, a Tacoma high school history teacher pens opposition to a 'diversity and ethnic studies' public school curriculum for 7th-12th graders currently being considered by Washington Legislature in Olympia, a former State Senator from Federal Way is opposing the sex-education curriculum bill being debated in WA Legislature this week, a Washington woman with political ties who retired to Arizona was murdered after being mugged and savagely beaten by a gun-toting robber, the WA Legislature is currently considering a bill (SB 5288) that would block such a violent attack from the list of crimes punishable in "Three Strikes, You're Out".

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