CarlsonCast March12--7am hour

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A Japanese WWII survivor from Nagasaki visits the Hanford nuclear facility near Richland, WA and complains that there's no information at the Hanford site, which is now a national park after it was used to create plutonium for atomic bombs that ended WWII, about the suffering the bombs caused. KVI's John Carlson points to the omitted history in the survivor's perspective. (photo: KOMO News).{ }

7am hour -- Puget Sound temperatures could set a record high today into the low 70s, same day voter registration is now legal in WA, the campaign strategy for putting the carbon fuel tax on the fall ballot to raise gas tax by $.30 a gallon over several years,

Senator Patty Murray's tweet about Trump and DACA draws some great responses from conservatives, a Japanese man who survived US atomic bombing in Nagasaki visits Hanford nuclear plant but the symbolic visit misses some critical historic information.

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