CarlsonCast March13--6am hour

Olympia biz owner Ann Buck homeless problems (KOMO) potty_big.jpg
An Olympia, Washington business owner, Anne Buck, says she was so fed up with homeless people sleeping and going to the bathroom in front of her store that she put up a lattice wall to keep them out. Now the city wants her to take it down. (Photo credit: KOMO News).

6am hour-- a stabbing suspect running from police and still armed with a knife was fatally shot by Bellingham police, Speaker Paul Ryan responds to Republican Senators who are calling for a slow down on the AHCA to replace ObamaCare, some kind, caring, accepting, diversity-loving Trump haters have vandalized one of his golf courses; the city of Olympia tells business owner to tear down wall she built to keep out homeless people from defecating and urinating at her door front, Carlson reads an emotional letter from a listener who's adult son is fighting heroin addiction.

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