CarlsonCast March13--7am hour

Ed murray Seattle homeless mess (KOMO) _speech2.jpg
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray wants city voters to raise their property-taxes to pay for $275 million to combat homelessness. The tax-hike over five years would pay for housing with more than two-thirds of the money going to rental subsidies. It also pays for substance abuse treatment and so-called navigation teams to offer services to homeless people. (File photo: KOMO News).

7am hour--a Langley WA politician tries to send a bill to an island newspaper, students at a high school basketball game apologize for wearing colors that the other team felt were offensive, the NATO chief tells other NATO nations exactly what Pres. Trump has been saying for months, Seattle Times columnist calls 'shenanigans' on Seattle Mayor Ed Murray's plan to install another property tax hike for $270 million in homeless crisis spending, the homeless czar for Pres. Obama can't believe how bad homelessness is in Seattle.

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