CarlsonCast March14--6am hour

Tom Price and Mick Mulvaney CBO scoring AHCA  8d.jpg
Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, right, accompanied by Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, left, speak after the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) reported that 14 million people would "lose" coverage next year under the House bill dismantling ObamaCare, but very few media outlets explained that the coverage loss comes from forced purchase of plans under the ACA. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

6am hour--the media dishonesty about (Trump and) the health care debate hits a new low, a EU high court rules that banning hijabs in the workplace is NOT discriminatory, an eastern Oregon family credits power of prayer for saving life of their toddler, the battle to replace ObamaCare all comes back to marketing and message, to fix health insurance costs we need to address pricing from doctors and hospitals, new "documentary" tries to spin Michael Brown case in Ferguson, MO and the documentarian freaks out last night on Fox News.

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