CarlsonCast March14--7am hour

Amid calls for more affordable housing, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan says the city could "correct a historic inequity" by abolishing library fines for overdue items as part of a $213 million new property-tax levy. The property tax would drive up the cost of living in the city if its approved by voters. (photo: Seattle PI, Jordan Stead)

7am hour -- Seattle's mayor defies logic and wants to raise property taxes to forgive millions of dollars in library late fee charges, ISIS fighters surrender in large numbers at last enclave in Syria, Navy Secretary refuses to yield to Whidbey Island residents demanding more studies about Growler jet noise at training field outside Oak Harbor, math fans proclaim today Pi Day

taxing the Internet effort begins again in Congress, GUEST: president of Americans For Tax Reform, Grover Norquist, talks about this new effort by House Democrats.

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