CarlsonCast March15--7am hour

Sound Transit light rail Tukwila credit Wiki Commons.jpg
St. Rep. Mark Harmsworth (R-Mill Creek) tells KVI's John Carlson that House Democrats are starting to get, um, on board with Republican-backed plans to reign in the Sound Transit valuation of car tab taxes that have resulted in decisive sticker shock since the ST3 phase was approved by voters last November. (File photo: WikiCommons)

7:05am -- GUEST: Rep. Mark Harmsworth (R-Mill Creek) estimates the chances of any Sound Transit (ST3) tax relief will pass the Democrat controlled house, an NBC News senior political editor tries to spin the Trump tax return news,

an MSNBC host tweets that the RyanCare plan is more popular than ObamaCare, Trump paid 25% in taxes (per one return) and by comparison Bernie Sanders paid 13% while Pres. Obama paid 19%, a career criminal is fatally shot in Fife WA by sheriff's deputies when the suspect wanted on a warrant tries to ram officers with a car, a Seattle police officer won't face any charges for fatally shooting a suspect last year in the Ravenna/Lake City area.

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