CarlsonCast March27--7am hour

income tax capital gains tax KOMO AAOjEF.jpg
A debate about Democrats in the Washington Legislature instituting an unprecedented (and constitutionally uncertain) capital gains tax ensues on KVI with host John Carlson and St. Rep. Gael Tarleton (D-Seattle). (photo: KOMO News)

7am hour -- a Mueller report musical montage that will put a smile on your face, looks like anti-Trump cable ("news") channel ratings are plummeting after Trump cleared in Mueller report, homeless squatter booby traps his trespassing camp/tent on Snohomish family's property, GUEST: St. Rep. Gael Tarleton (D-Seattle), says WA needs $4 billion in new tax hikes because of the education spending ruling known as the McCleary ruling, she argues that capital gains taxes are a sales tax.

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