CarlsonCast March29--8am hour

190322_seattleisdying_03_1.jpg points out that Seattle man, Robert Champagne, looking out the window of his low-income housing studio apartment at Interbay on Friday, March 22, 2019 in Seattle, Washington, was among the people filmed for a KOMO special titled "Seattle is Dying," which aired this month. Columnist, David Kroman, writes that video of Champagne used in the news special is deceiving. (Photo:

8am hour -- a politically connected Seattle P.R. company has been hired to start poking holes in the KOMO News special report "Seattle Is Dying", a Crosscut columnist tries to nitpick KOMO's "Seattle Is Dying", deeply ironic story of King Co. converting empty wing of the jail to a homeless shelter with some requirements to not drink and drug, why does it cost $2 million to make this shelter conversion?, for critics of the "Seattle Is Dying" homeless crisis report they should read a lot of the comment threads to gauge public opinion on how badly people think Seattle officials have worsened the problems, LEOs and life long friends pay respects and honor the life of Kittitas Co. deputy Ryan Thompson who was killed in the line of duty last week by an illegal alien fleeing a traffic stop.

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