CarlsonCast March4--7am hour

Paine Field first flight board  KOMO 18k.jpg
These are the first day commercial flights leaving Paine Field's new airport in Everett WA on Monday March 4, 2019. (photo: KOMO News).{ }

7am hour -- KVI listeners hear the audio testimony Carlson gave* to the Olympia Legislature last week opposing a bill that would water-down the "Three Strikes, You're Out" law, Carlson warned the State Senate Ways and Means Committee that he would refile a tougher version of the "Three Strikes" law knowing voters would likely approve it in a general election,

25 years ago today comic actor John Candy died unexpectedly, GUEST: KOMO's Carleen Johnson at new commercial airport terminal at Paine Field, man just outside Bend OR survives 5 days in SUV on snowy forest service road with the help of his dog and some Taco Bell hot sauce packets, one of the founder's of Greenpeace calls socialist darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a hypocrite for her personal choices,

* skim the TVW video to -3:47:20 to see John Carlson's testimony from the SB 5819 hearing on 2/28/19.

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