CarlsonCast March6--7am hour

KVI's John Carlson uncovers another Democratic attempt in the Washington Legislature to under-cut the voter approved "Three Strikes, You're Out" law for repeat violent felons. (photo: WikiCommons)

7am hour -- man in Seattle now facing 8th DUI charge after running red light with one tire missing on the car, the suspect has repeatedly been given gracious breaks in court despite a life-long track record of DUI cases, this case shows why a 3rd DUI should mandatorily be a felony, look at these breath taking pictures of CA lightning storm last night,

after Everett's Paine Field opened for commercial flights this week a new study will look at doing the same at other regional airports like Bremerton and Olympia, after one WA Legislative attempt to under-cut the "Three Strikes" law finally fails another one has emerged, if you favor the "Three Strikes" law you can call the Legislative hotline 800-562-6000 to oppose SB 5288,

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