CarlsonCast March6--8am hour


SEATTLE — Seattle police are asking for help finding a man who they say robbed a Girl Scout troop in North Seattle Sunday night. Police posted a security cam picture of the suspect, who they say stole around $600 from the troop outside a QFC store in the 11000 block of Roosevelt Way, near Northgate Mall. Jennifer Johanson said she and her daughter’s troop were wrapping up two-hours of sales when a man who had been lingering nearby rushed toward them. (photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- border apprehensions have nearly doubled in the last year on the US/Mexico border, Bellingham WA wants to move a city sanctioned homeless camp into a residential area but neighbors don't want the homeless camp, a question for the Bellingham police chief about supporting this homeless camp move, suspect still on the loose who ripped $600 out of the hands of a Girl Scout troop selling cookies in Seattle,

why a new strategy for illegal aliens crossing the US/Mexico border has doubled border patrol apprehensions in the last year, Trump surprises terminally ill man with a personal phone call.

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