CarlsonCast March7--6am hour

Distracted driving (KOMO News)1 PIXLR kid.jpg
A dramatized file photo of a young distracted driver depicts the automotive scourge that Washington lawmakers in Olympia hope to squash by passing a tough new law which would illegalize holding a smart phone or any electronic device while driving--even at a stop light. (photo credit: KOMO News).

6:05am -- a ton of local stories today including Republicans in the State Senate voting in favor of a tougher new ban on cell phone use in your car, Speaker Paul Ryan and Congressional Republicans unveil their replacement plan for ObamaCare and many conservatives are calling the new plan "ObamaCare lite", GUEST: St. Sen. Judy Warnick wants to fix the St. Supreme Court's "Hirst" ruling on water rights and private property development, KVI's Lars Larson picks apart the new Republican plan for replacing ObamaCare.

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