CarlsonCast March7--6am hour

Jay Inslee Seattle PI energy backdrop 1024x1024.jpg
Gov. Jay Inslee and a surprising governmental move against wind power farms in California dominate this hour of the John Carlson Show. (photo: AP)

6am hour -- its snowing outside the KVI studios!, TV game show legend Alex Trebek announces he has pancreatic cancer, Gov. Jay Inslee's racking up the bills for his WSP security detail costs as he's out campaigning, Trump chides Democrats after the party chair refuses to allow any primary presidential debates on Fox News, Redfin predicts a hot real estate market for Bellevue as Amazon starts looking for more business friendly cities after fiascoes in Seattle and Long Island City (NY), as Green New Deal supporters clamor for clean energy a big CA county blocks wind farm developments, Speaker Pelosi moves to insulate new Congresswoman over anti-Semitic comments controversy.

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