CarlsonCast March7--7am hour

Temporary immigration ban -- PIXLR new exec order graphic.jpg
President Trump issues new executive order for a temporary ban on immigration from six nations with failing central governments or known sponsors of terrorism (graphic credit: AP)

7am hour-- Gov. Jay Inslee and A.G. Bob Ferguson react to Pres. Trump's new temporary immigration ban from Middle Eastern nations with connections to terrorism and no central government, a KVI caller argues with John about why Saudi Arabia isn't on Trump's new temporary immigration ban list, as Seattle officials clear out one (ahem, city approved) homeless camp another Seattle neighborhood is seeing evicted homeless people return to a popular recreation corridor,

Kent police say they're ruling out nothing after a Sikh man was shot in the arm in his driveway over the weekend in what could appear to be an anti-immigrant motivated hate crime, a Republican State Senator grills Sound Transit's CFO about the inflated car tab tax math.

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