CarlsonCast March8--6am hour

Less than four months after Washington voters rejected a hefty gasoline tax in November 2018, Legislative Democrats in the Olympia capitol are proposing a 6-cents a gallon gas tax. KVI's John Carlson examines the Senate legislative bill. (photo: KOMO News).{ }

6am hour -- still wondering why a mini-van in Puyallup WA exploded in flames while parked in a Home Depot parking lot, a State Senator from Tacoma continues to refuse talking on KVI about her latest bill to water-down and under-cut the voter approved "Three Strikes, You're Out" law, the February jobs report is a lot (a lot) lower than expected, this Issaquah WA bus driver prevented mini-disaster while skidding down a snowy hill yesterday.

GUEST: co-founder of (or .com) Randy Pepple chronicles another gas tax hike (6 cents per gallon) being pushed in the WA Legislature by Democrats, this showcases the Democrats arrogance toward voters who rejected a big gas tax hike 4 months ago!

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