CarlsonCast March8--8am hour

After neighbors mobilize their opposition, Seattle's mayor pulls the plug on a hasty plan to allow overnight homeless car camping at the parking lot of a popular Seattle park. (file photo: KOMO News).{ }

8am hour -- Daylight Saving Time starts this weekend, it's snowing all of a sudden at KVI studios, Trump haters are freaking out that Paul Manafort only got 4 years prison for his tax fraud scheme, Seattle's mayor forced to reverse course on plan for a homeless car parking safe lot at a south Seattle park after neighbors flood the city with opposition, a State Senator from Tacoma keeps ducking the interview requests from John Carlson, this lawmaker exemplifies a lot of Puget Sound elected officials who don't have the courage to defend their policy and political views, Lindsey Graham opens up about why he shifted from his opposition/criticism of Trump.

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