CarlsonCast May19--6am hour

Paccar's History_in_the_early_1900 WIKI .jpg
Truck maker PACCAR's history in the Puget Sound stretches back to 1945 with Kenworth and Peterbuilt, but now the company appears to be shifting their operations to more business-friendly states, likes Texas. (file photo: WikiCommons).

6am hour -- a long-time Renton-based business decides to open a new manufacturing plant and hire 150+ people but it'll happen in a different state, Joe Biden drops a hint that he might run for Pres. in 2020,

Trump's first public reax to appointment of special counsel to investigate him, legal expert/law prof. Alan Dershowitz tangles with a CNN legal analyst about Trump's latest comments about Russia, a KVI caller predicts Trump will resign by the end of the summer.

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