CarlsonCast May19--7am hour

Trump + Sergei Lavrov  White House meeting AP17130586946156.jpg
Pres. Trump and Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Labrov, meet recently at the White House. National Review columnist David French digs into the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel and the reports about the James Comey "memo".

7am hour -- GUEST: Sharyl Attkisson talks about how DC/Political news coverage changed due to the advent of Fox News under Roger Ailes, how her colleagues at CBS perceived Fox News during it's ascent, how a current law makes it easier to ship illegal drugs into the US, new hindsight about Chris Cornell's death,GUEST: National Review columnist David French talks about how the James Comey memo story and Robert Mueller appointment case have impacted Trump's leverage, why memos like the one(s) Comey is alleged to have are a key part of lawyering/investigating, and why the Mueller appointment may ultimately be the best thing for this investigation,

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