CarlsonCast May2--7am hour

Prom dress Utah gal Keziah Daum screen grab2.jpg
These four pictures tweeted by a Salt Lake City, UT student in her prom dress have prompted some on-line protests of 'cultural appropriation' because the dress is a Chinese style garment known as a cheongsam or a qipao and, well, she's not Chinese. (photo: Keziah Daum's Twitter feed).{ }

7:05am -- several legal obstacles to Seattle's 'fair chance' rental housing activism, GUEST: Legal Counsel for the Rental Housing Association of Washington (a landlord advocacy group) and a landlord himself, Chris Benis, talks about the Seattle city attorney appealing the ruling which invalidated the city's law which required landlord's to accept the first qualified renter who applied

Kanye West's TMZ comments suggesting black slaves in America could have revolted instead of continuing to be enslaved is touching off a new controversy for the rapper, a high schooler's prom dress pictures result in somebody claiming cultural appropriation,

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