CarlsonCast Nov.15--7am hour

Seattle income tax Sawant lemmings KOMO137.jpg
In a 5-4 vote the Seattle City Council rejects an employee "head tax" for the biggest companies in the city which was proposed by the socialist wing of the council to pay for $24 million in homeless related programs, which actually means homeless related bureaucracy in the city. (photo: KOMO News).{ }

7am hour -- WA DSHS to pay $4 million in Lake Stevens child neglect case settlement, in a surprise outcome the Seattle City Council actually votes down an employee head-tax that was proposed by the socialist wing of the council, GUEST: ABC reporter Alex Stone discovers that behavioral and criminal activity are part of yesterday's murder/shooting attack near at a school in Northern CA; WSJ's Kim Strassel perfectly explains why the Fusion GPS campaign research against Trump was essentially laundered as FBI information instead of Hillary Clinton campaign info,

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