CarlsonCast Nov16--6am hour

Republic Police Chief KXLY 60.jpg
Meet the Republic, WA police chief, Loren Culp who tells KXLY News in Spokane that he won't enforce the recently passed I-1639 gun control measure because he thinks it violates the U.S. Constitution. Two groups are suing Washington over Constitutional issues related to I-1639. (photo: KXLY)

6am hour -- an Eastern WA police chief wants to be a sanctuary city for guns, why Seattle gas prices are so high compared to the rest of the US (and when they might be dropping below $3 a gallon), Sen. Bernie Sanders wants to stick it to Wal-Mart but would likely hurt a lot of employees' incentives,

GUEST: our gun rights go-to-guy Dave Workman explains the lawsuits filed against the recently passed I-1639 gun control measure, KVI's Lars Larson discusses the extravagant climate change claims revolving around the brutal CA wildfires.

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