CarlsonCast Nov.18, 2016

Bill and Melinda Gates_Foundation_visitor_center.JPG
The sign outside the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle proclaims "Today's Problems Are Solvable." (Photo credit: WikiCommons)

6am hour--Boze in for Carlson: is it too early to play Christmas music on the air?, foreign students at UW are asked about staying in the US to study now that Trump's elected which brings us back to what appears to be a false report of a hate crime at UW Bothell, according to the NY Daily News the Trump legal team is about to settle the Trump U. class-action lawsuit out of court, the Gates Foundation is getting grief for using GMO foods to feed the hungry; ironically the political left wants to question the science about GMO's but they decry anyone who questions the science of climate change, a newly elected Democrat in Congress confesses she doesn't want the media following her around in DC,

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