CarlsonCast Nov21--7am hour

Social worker, Byron Ragland, speaks outside a Kirkland, WA Menchies yogurt shop where he was asked to leave by police two weeks ago. Store employees were suspicious of Ragland who was sitting inside the store, not ordering anything and using his smart phone. Ragland was there to monitor a court supervised visit of a woman who had lost custody of her child.{ } (KOMO Photo)

7am hour -- NY stock market is bumping up this morning after several days of big sell offs (and stock losses), white supremacy becomes the focus of the man at the heart of the Kirkland yogurt shop racial profiling controversy, a vote fraud scheme to benefit left-wing candidates by bribing homeless people emerges in Los Angeles, Trump says he might attend White House Correspondents Dinner next year, the homeless program in Seattle getting people in to permanent housing and its being done by private charity GUESTS: John Kelly of Starbucks and Marty Hartman of Mary's Place.

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